Episode 79

What what what?! A new episode?! No, this isn’t a trick. This is an actual new episode of Mindless Philosophers. It just happens to be almost exactly one year since our last one. Life happens, things happen, and we kinda talk about that this episode.

Along with all the usual Star Warsy stuff that we always talk about. And it wouldn’t be Mindless Philosophers without a tangent or 7.

Thanks for hanging out and listening, and we hope to see you all again soon!

Episode 78

Episode 78 is now available for download! In this episode we talk about our thoughts on the rest of the Disney announcements for shows.

This is a long episode. Coming in at just over 2 and a half hours. So all the long episode lovers, this ones for you. As always thank you for listening, and we will see you next time.

Episode 77!!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you! Episode 77 from Mindless Philosophers is online! After a short (long) unplanned hiatus, we have returned.

This episode we mainly talk about season 2 of The Mandalorian. But it’s a nice long episode clocking in around an hour 45.

Obviously spoilers for Mando season 2, so if you haven’t watched, what are you waiting for?! GO NOW!

We will return with a new episode shortly regarding the rest of the LFL announcements. Thanks for listening and welcome back!

Episode 75! ROTS Recap

Welcome back for episode 75, which is our Rise Of Skywalker recap show. Obviously this is a spoiler filled episode, but we assume since you know who we are, you’d know it’s spoiler filled.

Enjoy the wrap up, let us know what you thought about the movie, or the show in general. You can always contact us with the email or socials on the right side. Thanks for listening, and stay tuned for our Mandalorian Commentaries coming soon!

Episode 74!

After a brief hiatus (for us), we are back with episode 74!
This episode is mostly about the new Episode 9 trailer that dropped on Monday night. Our feelings and reactions scene by scene. We are go over some possible spoilers. But we give plenty of warning on that.
We also talk about the crap show that Triple Force Friday was, and we get into The Mandalorian!
Stay tuned to the end for a special announcement that might have something to do with a certain Disney+ show.

As always thanks for listening and we will see you VERY soon!