Episode 72

Welcome back for episode 72. This episode we pay our respects to the late great Peter Mayhew. May he rest in peace.
We talk about some online rumors, spoilers, and even read a listener email!
Let us know what you think, and as always thank you so much for listening!

Episode 71!

No one is ever really gone. And we prove it with the full crew back for Episode 71! As you can imagine, this episode is mostly based on the episode 9 teaser from Celebration. Our reaction, scene by scene. Also our thoughts about Celebration as a whole.
Thanks for coming back and we will see you again soon!

Episode 70

Welcome back for episode 70 of Mindless Philosophers!
This episode we experiment with video, and you can check out the youtube video which will be linked on mindlesspodcast.com.
We also talk about Solo, TLJ Blu Ray sales, Resistence, and a little bit of everything else.

Let us know if you like the video format, (which has some hidden surprises), and we will catch you next time. Thanks for watching/listening!

Edit: The youtube video is live!!

Episode 69!

Welcome back for episode 69! Yes yes, har har You’re hilarious.
This episode the gang is all here. We talk about Resistance, more Disney Streaming service stuff, and the regular tomfoolery.

Let us know what you think of the show, and we will see you next time!

Episode 68

Welcome back to episode 68 of Mindless Philosophers. This week we talk about our thoughts for the new Disney Streaming service, Disneys big streaming mistake, and a few other hidden goodies.
Let us know what you think and as always, thanks for listening.

Episode 67

We are back with episode 67! EDIT: NO ECHO, it’s just my stupid computer.
Anyway, this time around we talk about Episode 9, The return of the Clone Wars, and whatever else popped into our heads while talking.

We want to hear from you! Let us know what you think of the show, of us, etc. Use the contact info on the right, and we will read your comments on the next episode.
Thanks for listening and see you next time.

Episode 66

Whats this?! A new episode?! Indeed it is! Episode 66 of Mindless Philosophers is ready for your ears. And believe it or not, we went this whole episode without an Order 66 joke. I know, I’m disappointed too.
This episode is about all the fun stuff happening in the fandom right now. Solo and TLJ backlash, podcast drama, and some surprises!
Let us know what you think, we want to hear from you! Thanks for listening and we will see you soon.

Episode 65 – Spoiler filled Lat Jedi Review

Welcome back to our Last Jedi review! Episode 65 is filled to the brim with spoilers, so if you have not seen TLJ, wait until you’ve seen it to listen to this episode.
We also give a warning on the show.

This show clocks in at 2.5 hours, our longest show ever! Let us know what you think of the show, the movie, and your thoughts and opinions. Thanks for listening, and we will see you soon.

Episode 64!

Episode 64, AKA, out spoiler free Last Jedi preview show.

There are no spoilers in this, but there are theories that we have from watching trailers and such. So proceed at your own risk.
Let us know what you think of the movie as soon as you see it! Thanks for listening, and we will see you again soon!

Episode 63!

No, you are not seeing things! Episode 63 of Mindless Philosophers is now available!
We apologize for our slight absence. But life happens.
This episode we break down the TLJ trailer, and talk about Rian Johnsons promotion, and our hopes for a new trilogy.

Let us know what you think and we hope to see you next time. Which hopefully wont be 6 months from now.