Episode 57

Episode 57 is now up and ready for your listening pleasure, with special gust host Doug!

This episode we talk about the Blu Rays, some episode 8 news, and break down the Rogue One trailer.
Join us on this magical escape of audio goodness.

Thanks for listening and we will see you next time!

Episode 56

Sorry for the late post, I (Chris) went on vacation and didn’t have enough time to upload before I left. Sorry about that. We recorded this episode 56, last weekend.

Brooks is back for this episode!
Thanks for listening and we will see you again soon!

Episode 55

After a way too long hiatus, we are back with episode 55.

We apologize for the long delay, but real life has been in full effect.
But we are back! And hopefully better? You can decide for yourself when you check out this episode.
The latest on the blu-ray for TFA, some Rogue One talk, and all the other randomness that comes with this show!

Thanks for listening and your continued support.

Episode 54

Episode 54 of Mindless Philosophers is ready for your ear holes!
This show we discuss the numbers surrounding The Force Awakens, and talk about some things that might be spoilerish, but we have lifted our spoiler ban.
So be warned if you still haven’t seen it!

We also discuss a possible Mindless Philosophers TFA showing! Listen for details and let us know if you are interested.

Thanks for listening and we will see you next time!

Episode 53

Here is episode 53 of Mindless Philosophers. We recorded this after seeing TFA a couple more times.
We talk about some Blu Ray details, Anakin was supposed to be in TFA and some other interesting tings we dug up.

Check it out and let us know what you think. Thanks for listening!

The Force Awakens Review show

Here is part one of our TFA Review show. We had some technical difficulties, and had to cut it short.
We will record part 2 soon, so look out for that.

Obviously, this is spoiler heavy, so stay away if you haven’t seen the movie yet.
Let us know your thoughts and check for part 2 soon!

Thanks for listening!

Episode 52

Welcome back for episode 52, this last podcast before The Force Awakens!
This podcast is spoiler free for anything TFA.

This episode is dedicated to our top 10 moments in the Star Wars saga, as it stands, 2 days before The Force Awakens is released. These might change as of Friday. But thats why we wanted to get these out there before that happened.

No TFA spoilers in this show, and this is a double episode! 2 hours long. So listen while you are hanging out in line, and share with your friends and line mates.

Let us know your top moments in the saga, and also what you thought of TFA!!!

Catch you all on the flip side.

Episode 51

Welcome back to episode 51 of Mindless Philosophers. This time around we have another spoiler centric show. So, fair warning if you are spoiler sensitive. Wait till TFA is out to play this episode.
If you are not spoiler sensitive, then bask in the glory of all the crazy theories we come up with!

Since it is spoilerish, nothing here about this week. Just have to listen to the show!

Thanks for listening, and we will you see next time!

Episode 50!!

We’ve made it to 50 episodes! Sorry for the lateness, but here we are. Episode 50 is now ready for you.
This episode is pretty spoiler heavy, so if you are staying spoiler free, you might want to steer clear of this one. After at least downloading the episode to help us out 🙂
No description to keep it spoiler free. Thanks for listening and we will see you next time!

Episode 49!

Welcome back for episode 49! Since the trailer and poster came out, it’s been kind of slow in the Star WArs news world. But that doesn’t stop us!
Commercials, theories, and a few spoilers are all included in this weeks episode.

And congrats to Charles Richardson! The lucky winner of our TFA official one sheet! Thank you to everyone that entered.

Thanks for listening, and we will see you next time.