Episode 36

Episode 36, The Podcast Awakens, is now online!

In this wonderful episode we talk about the title reveal and our thoughts on how it fits into the Star Wars universe. We talk about some spolier pictures, and some speculation that could be huge if true!
Throw in a little talk about a possible trailer, and you have a great show.

Thanks for listening, and we will see you next time.

Episode 34

After a long wait, episode 34 is finally online. Sorry for the delay. Real life, schedules, and things that go bump on the internet kept us from sharing our lovely voices with you.

But fear not, we have returned, and we will continue to bring you the latest and greatest Star Wars news and rumors.
This week we cover the pictures that are being taken from high above the English countryside, we talk about recent rumors and leaked documents that could point to an Obi Wan Kenobi spin off, andwe tgalk a little about JJ Abrhams and his penchant for bringing friends to projects.

WE hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening, and please let us know what you think. Email, facebook, twitter, fax, pony express. It’s all good.

Episode 33

We are back in your ears with episode 33! Thanks for your understanding, but we had to take a couple extra weeks off. But we are back with discussions on all the cool stuff that has come out recently. The stormtrooper helmet, the possible OOT blu rays, and some possible massive spoilers.

Thanks for listening, and we will see you again in 2 weeks.

Episode 32

Episode 32 is now online! This week we talk about the new cast member, Christina Chong, the official fate of Boba Fett, and we sound off on SDCC. All this and more hijinx than ever.

Thanks for listening and we will see you again in 2 weeks.

Episode 31

Episode 31 is now online! This week, Brooks is out so it was party time!

This time around we talk about the newest cast members just announced, the ever evolving Harrison Ford Leg Gate, and the various ways Kevin Smith can get around and non-disclosure agreement.

Thanks for listening, and let us know what you think! We will see you again in 2 weeks.

Episode 30!

Sorry for the slight delay, but episode 30 is now available! We are changing our work and life schedules around the team, so please bear with us.

This episode we talk about Rian Johnson, and his sudden crazy announcement, Harrison Fords ever evolving injury, and All the other crazy stuff you love about us.

Thanks for listening and we will see you again in 2 weeks!

Episode 29!

Welcome back for episode 29! Get ready for some major news to invade your ears! We talk about the super sweet set pics, we name the pig creature, and we have a great time on our first video podcast. (Video released pending figuring out how to do it).
We also have a discussion about which version of Jedi is best for an Obi Wan force ghost visit in 7. Listen to our thoughts and let us know yours.

We hope you like this episode, it was a lot of fun to record.

Thank for listening, and we will see you next time.