Episode 25

Sorry for the slight delay in episode 25, but it is now here!

This week we talk about the impending release of Episode 7 in IMAX, and Chris goes on a rant, the possibility of Hoth making a return, and we tackle a few new rumors making the rounds.

Skype did crash in the final seconds of our recording, so the end of the show is kind of abrupt, but we didn’t have anything else to say after Miss South Carolina….. It’ll make sense when you listen.

Thanks for listening to the show! Please let us know what you think, and we will see you in 2 weeks!

Episode 24

Once again, we have assembled to bring you episode 24 of Mindless Philosophers!

This week is rumor central (when has it not been), because there is kind of a lack of real news to talk about. We also express our frustration at this fact. We talk about the possibility of the Saga being digitally released, Adam Driver as the super bad guy in E7, and Zac Efron? I say that Efron wrong… I’ll show myself out.

Thanks for listening, we will see you in 2 weeks!